‘I commissioned the services of Jason Chan before the commencement of Semester 1, 2016. As a second year law student, I was struggling with the ‘pressures of law school’. Jason was the ultimate professional. Having consulted a number of tutors prior, Jason exceeded every one of my expectations. He was detailed, thorough, incredibly personable, and addressed every one of my concerns with complete professionalism and confidence. His deep concern for my individual learning style made the experience one that has positively changed my experience at law school. I can highly recommend the services of Jason Chan. He is more than a tutor, he is now a trusted friend.'

Daniel Corban, 2nd UNSW CommerceLaw student (2016)

"Jason is a dedicated tutor who is patient with his students. He wishes nothing but the best result for his students and his method of teaching is quite enjoyable. He is willing to stay up and guide his students through their assessments. His advice and comments allowed me to improve greatly. He was always there to answer my questions (even during school hours) which was very convenient. I highly recommend Jason as a tutor as he will definitely help you to achieve the best results you can." 

Sally Siswanto (2012)

"From past experiences, Jason Chan is a very reliable and hardworking tutor. I know this because he tutored me during my HSC year in 2010. Jason assisted my knowledge of subjects, such as 2 Unit Mathematics and English, helping me gain a very good understanding of their content. Though I was not the brightest of students, Jason taught me using different approaches and he never gave up on me. If I ever had a difficulty in a group class, we would approach it as a class and discuss the issue together. This not only helped myself to understand it, but it also ensured that everyone else understood it as well. I’d highly recommend Jason for tutoring assistance and can guarantee that you will be thankful to have him."   

Jeffery Banh (2010)

English tutoring that I've actually enjoyed as well as found extremely useful.  English has always been an uphill struggle for me but Jason's dedication and patience with my learning assisted me to perform my best. Jason really ‘breaks down’ English in a way that makes it easier to grasp an understanding of and his consistency towards essays has greatly improved my essay writing and highlighted how important it is to focus on detail.


Lien Nguyen (2012)

"English tutoring with Jason was an awesome experience! From learning the basics of essay structuring and sentence structuring to analysing the finest points of our texts, Jason taught us everything there is to know for HSC English. Thank you so much for your help Jason!"

 Jamie Son (2012)

"Jason Chan was my guide and tutor during my HSC in 2010, helping and guiding me through my math studies to his fullest potential.  Jason Chan is a qualified tutor who will help you with your studies to the fullest, by showing maths equations step by step in the simplest way for your understanding. He will provide questions and set homework to keep you on track of your studies in school, and he can assist you to be ahead of your class. His teaching methods are very clear and simple. The experience I had with him was very educational and fun." 


​Daniel Le (2010)

"Having Jason Chan as my tutor in 2010 was a huge advantage for me during my HSC year. He is an incredibly intelligent tutor with so much knowledge that assisted me to achieve high marks. He taught very well and has a friendly and outgoing nature. My school work seemed to become so much easier to learn after Jason went through it with me. The homework he gave me became very handy in assisting me to perform well in school exams and assesment tasks. My overall experience with Jason as my tutor would have to be described as extremely memorable and useful."


Tritin Jason Nguyen (2010)

"My experience with Jason Chan as my English tutor in high school was immensely positive. Lessons were meticulously prepared, catering for each individual student in our class. Jason wasn't one to spoon feed facts for you to regurgitate. His aim was for you to understand the concepts and form your own arguments. Furthermore, he is rigorous with essay marking, with some essays having been refined through at least four drafts having been reviewed. This work ethic and dedication he displayed was a constant support through my HSC studies and it was invaluable. With his input, my HSC mark for Advanced English was a score that I was happy with. I am currently a fourth year medical student and remain inspired by his teaching."

John Dang Trinh Nguyen (2012)

 "My one-on-one lessons with Jason made an amazing contribution to my academic performance in Advanced English during Years 11 and 12. He was a strict tutor who pushed me academically by providing me with a lot of homework on a weekly basis and by making sure that I completed it on time, without letting it interfere with my school work. Jason helped me to build my own style of essay and creative writing by correcting my flaws, and enhancing my strengths. This allowed me to tackle academic writing at a faster and smoother pace. He had deep insight into the subject, which he used in collaboration with an abundance of resources to enrich my own knowledge and understanding of English. He was also highly accessible outside our lessons. His tutoring not only improved my essay writing in Advanced English, as I was receiving compliments on my essay-writing style in other subjects as well."


Christina Phan (2010)

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